When Roy broke through into the Melchester Rovers first team in 1955, LEN DOLLAND had the goalkeepers jersey. It is unclear when Dolland took over the regular slot and from whom he took it over, it was never mentioned in any of the comics. Dolland remained a mainstay in the team until 1958, when Rovers legend TUBBY MORTON would take over his place. Morton was signed from Tranbridge United. Unclear as to why Dolland lost his place, but Morton took over from him at the start of the season. Dolland did have the consolation of being part of the championship winning team in 1957/58.

Tubby's first game was against Bamford Athletic, and his inexperience soon showed as he conceded two soft goals. Converted from centre half Tubby was trying to har to impress, and a rout appeared to be on the cards, however Morton regained his confidence and this saw a change in fortune for the Rovers as they fought to go ahead 3-2. However Blackie Gray scored an own goal in the dying minutes of the game that meant Morton's debut was not a winning one.

Although Morton had not been convincing in his debut he remained the regular number one goalkeeper until 1973. During that time he would win 4 League titles, 5 FA Cups, 3 European Cups, 1 European Cup Winners Cup, and 2 World Club Cups. His place would never be really threatened, there were pretenders to his throne in the shape of REG SCOTT, PETER BAKER AND CHARLIE CARTER to name but a few, but it was not until Carter came along that Morton's place was challenged.

At the start of the '73 season Morton was injured, back up keeper Baker had broken his leg so it paved th way for wannabe pop star Carter to come in and take over the regular slot. The rest they say is history. Carter would remain a mainstay until his position became challenged in 1985 by the superstitious ANDY STYLES. There were games where Carter did not play and replacements had to be found. TERRY VENNER was one such replacement in 1976/77 when Carter had went through a confidence crisis, however Roy stayed with Carter and although they went out the League Cup to Swinford, Carter had his confidence back. Another goalie to be mentioned as back up to Carter was Tubby Morton. He had taken over the reserve squad after long term injury and Carter had curtailed his ability to play, but he made a comeback in 1977, to replace Carter in a match v Sandford. SANDY EVANS, an eighteen year old in 1980, would replace an injured Carter for a European match v Heklavik, however his blunde meant the part time Icelander's knocked Rovers out.

Another was WALTER WILLIAMS who played in goal after Charlie again had a confidence issue. He played at seventeen against arch rivals Meldboro, who had a newly signed Geoff Giles in their ranks at the time. Walter was also listed as being an England youth international at the time. He lost his debut 2-1 to Meldboro, but remained in goal for a 2-2 draw with Carford the following game. A match also notable for Nat Gosden's debut game. Williams would not appear again until the beginning of the 1982/83 season, when Carter broke his collarbone. Williams however would only play one match, as veteran goalkeeper TUBBY MORTON reappeared from retirement as cover for the injured Carter. Morton was the cause of unrest when Roy refused to let him retire to his sports shop when Carter returned from injury in early 1983, it would eventually be one of the reasons that would result in Roy leaving the club to join Walford Rovers.

Williams had to play in place of Carter in the 1984 League Cup Final, when Carter was injured in the league match v Holverton just before the final.

When Carter was again injured and the Williams went down injured, we were introduced to ANDY 'STREAKY' STYLES. He had signed for Rovers at the end of 1984, after a period playing in the North American Soccer League. We first saw him when he played in a youth match at the start of 1985.