Issue 2 centres on Roy waking up from the coma, and how his family copes with the issue of him having to lose his left foot due to complications. At Melchester Rovers, the directors have a meeting with Blackie to discuss the recent run of poor results, and the upcoming make or break European game against AC Gironde.
The players meanwhile are still voicing their concerns at the appointment of Blackie as manager, and there is trouble brewing between Johnny Dexter and Derek 'Mozzie' Mostin.
On the pitch Rovers take to the field to play their crunch tie against French champions Gironde, can they get the needed win to qualify for the knockout rounds of the Champions league?

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Anonymous said...

Brillian stuff Yoghi lad

Unknown said...

Great comic mate, worth the wait and an excellent read.

As I said before the B&W really works and a great story.