I have decided with the melchester storyline to begin with a continuation from the crash, rather than continuing it from the end of the MoTD era. Personally I feel there is to many unanswered questions from the helicopter crash. The RoTR monthlies although an official continuation of the magazine, left the reader with more questions than answers.

What happened to Blackie? Where did Terry Spring go? When did Johnny Dexter retire? to name but a few. I hope within the realms of the upcoming issues to answer a few of those questions, and to maybe create a new version of events for Roy Race, his family, and Melchester Rovers.

Because I am no artist, and it means using images from the original comics, and editing them, I have decided each issue to create a cover and then create the images inside in black and white. Each issue will have around 4-5 pages of material, detailing the events after the helicopter crash, and what happened to Melchester Rovers in the years from 1993 until MoTD began in 1997.

Issue One looks at the three months after the crash, how Roy's family are coping and how Melchester Rovers have faired since Roy fell into a coma.

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